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How to use?

Learn how you can print, digitalise or make a photocopy

Need more info about the use of our platform? Have a look at the tutorials below, you may find them very useful.

How to print?



Any file that you want to print, you should save in a PDF format and then upload to our plataform . You can pick up your prints at any time and in any place!Always keep a copy of the security of the sent document if there is a failure (paper, power, network, ...).

How to pick up your prints?


Head to any You Print device on the Campus, slide your student card and collect the print, choosing the document you want. You can also cancel the printing or save it for future use.

How to make a photocopy?


To make a photocopy of a document, you should head to one of the You Print devices on the Campus, slide you student card and put the document on the tray.

How to digitalise your documents?


To digitalise a document, you should head to one of the You Print devices on the Campus, slide you student card and put the document on the tray. Shortly after you will receive the digitalised file sent to you by e-mail. You can also send all of the digitalised documents to your personal cloud account: Google Drive, One Drive or Drop Box. Find out how, in here.


In any of the devices you can print, digitalise or make a photocopy.

Floor 0

B&W prints A4

Floor 1

B&W prints A4 and A3

Color prints A4 and A3

Exam sheets

Floor 2

B&W prints A4 and A3

Exam sheets


What is student email and how can I access it?

The student email has this format It will be in this email that, if you are a student, you will receive all system notifications, such as your scans. To access the mailbox of your institutional e-mail, just go to the following platform: and log in with the credentials you use in InfoAlunos.

How do I know what printer the job was for?

You can check the section "Printers" on which of the multifunction printers you can collect your document, and on the platform you can always check the list of print types where your document will be available.

Who can use the devices?

The devices are free to be used by any student of University of Madeira (UMa), as well as by anyone else interested in the use of our system: former students, lecturers, university personnel or even those not involved in the academic community.

Where are the devices?

There are 3 devices located on 3 different floors of the University Campus: one multifunction B&W printer on the ground floor, one multifunction color printer on the first floor and one multifunction B&W printer on the second floor.

What are the working hours?

This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which means you can print your files at any time, as long as you’re at the University to release them from the printer.

How can I start to use it?

Anyone, student or not, can ask for their access credentials in our Students’ Help Desk (-1 floor of the Penteada University Campus) or in any Students’ Union Store. Access is free of charge.

Is it possible to print using Google Cloud Print? If yes, how?

Yes! One of the great advantages of Google Cloud Print (GCP) is that you can print directly from your web browser (as long as it is Google Chrome), print from any device, including smartphones. You can choose the following print queues to submit your work:

You should add the queues for your favorite print to your favorite Google account, and it's done! On your first impression you'll need to associate your Google account with the platform. To do so, after sending your work through GCP, you will receive a link in your Google address where you will have to click and start your session normally on the platform. Using magic behind the scenes, as well as getting your work into the print queue, it's already available on You Print printers and your email has already been associated with your platform account.

When I send the document, does it immediately print?

No. When you load the document on the You Print platform in the "Web Print" menu, the user gives a print order that is executed only when the printer releases the job in person within 72 hours, for printing in one of the equipment of the University.

How can I print the exam sheets?

The file of the exam sheets(Lined/Checkered) of the University of Madeira is stored in, inside the folder You Print, where you can also find other useful files for your subjects. Just print the document by loading the file on the You Print platform.

What are the available services?

Using our devices, you can print, digitalise and make a photocopy of your documents in a maximum format of A3. Available both B&W and color prints.

What is a print queue?

Rather than being a queue of people who are called to pick up the documents, it is a queue in which the documents are called by the people, in this case, you. Naturally, the documents may pass in front of other documents that are also waiting.

What does each print queue mean?

Each print queue is defined by its size (A3 or A4), by its type (only front or front and back) and by its color (black or color). If you want to print two-sided, you need to be careful that the orientation comes out correctly. If the orientation of your document is horizontal, use the "Flyers" queue. If it is vertical, use the remaining print queues.

How can I order a print?

Simply choose "want to print" option in the top of the You Print page, enter your access credentials and choose the "Web Printing" tab. After submission, the document is available at any Campus printer to be released, simply enter your data or submit your University card.

What file formats can be printed?

To avoid the problem of misconfiguration of documents, the only format available for printing is PDF.

I have a document with pages both in color and in B&W. Where should I print?

The printing software can recognize the B&W pages present in a document with colored pages. This means that no matter if you want to print in B&W or in color, you’ll never pay the price of a color print on B&W pages.

Is it possible to print my files from home?

Yes, you can order a print from any place by uploading your documents to the You Print online platform. The job is only printed when you go to one of the University equipment to free the document for printing. Do not forget that you have 72 hours to free the document from the moment you sent it to print.

For how long is my work stored in the system?

The files await for the print order, in a queue, during 72 hours. After that time they are automatically deleted and you will have to reupload them to the system.

How do I make a print, from a PDF file, with multiple pages on the single sheet?

How can I add credit to my account?

You can add credit to your account in any service point of your Students' Union - in any Gaudeamus or at the Students’ Help Desk.

How can I associate the student card with my account?

Once you have received the access credentials for your account, it’s enough to slide the student card of UMa through the reader of any of our printers and insert your data to associate it with the card.

I don’t have the card. What do I do?

You can access your account inserting the credentials on the screen of the multifunction printer.

I have a document with pages both in color and in B&W. How much do I pay?

If you want to print the document in black, you can choose any multifunction available.If it is a color document, you should go to the color multifunction.If you make the mistake of printing the color document, you will have the discounted value as if it were a monochrome (black) print. The system does not allow refunds because of user errors.

Is it possible to get an invoice with the amount charged to my account?

Yes, invoices are issued for each charging done in Gaudeamus, at the Students’ Help Desk and at Naturalmente Português shop. If you want it to have your name and fiscal number on the invoice, you should tell the shop assistant before making the payment. If you had used a coupon, after inserting it on the platform head to the service point and ask for an invoice.

I’m an Associate of AAUMa. How can I benefit from the discounts?

In the beginning of the month following your payment of the annual fee for the associate card (10€) you will start to receive, until the month of August 2018, 1€ a month, automatically deposited on your account, for you to use it any way you want (photocopies, digitalisation, prints). If you pay the fee in September 2017, you’ll receive 2€ in the month of October 2017, to get a total of 12€ until August 2018.

Does the money charged go to the card?

No. The card is only for the system to load your profile into the multifunction printer. Your balance is associated with your account, so if you lose your card, you will always have your balance safeguarded.

There was a problem during the printing. What should I do?

Don’t worry. The pages that didn’t get printed will be automatically counted and the respective amount of money will be paid back to your account.

I lost my card, now what?

In this case, the first thing you have to do is to go to any AAUMa service point to let us know about this situation so that we can withdraw access to the card to prevent someone from spending your balance. However, you can continue to use the printers by manually entering your access credentials, and later, when you receive it, you can associate your new University card (if you are a student, teacher or UMa employee) or another proximity sensor card ( if you do not include them in the previous categories).

Is it possible to cancel a document that is already waiting to be printed?

Yes, you just have to go "Jobs Pending Release" menu in your You Print account, and select "[cancel]" in the "Action" column. The print job will be canceled at no cost.

All that our You Print service has to offer, you can also get in the We Print, where the work is all ours. What’s more, we have additional services such as binding or plastification. Your office stationery can also be bought, at unbeatable prices, in Gaudeamus of the University Campus.

Price list

Service You Print We Print
Photocopy/Print B&W front A5 ---- 0,04€
Photocopy/Print B&W front and back A5 ---- 0,05€
Manual Copy B/W front A5 ---- 0,06€
Manual Copy B/W front and back A5 ---- 0,07€
Photocopy/Print color front A5 ---- 0,13€
Photocopy/Print color front and back A5 ---- 0,15€
Manual Photocopy color front A5 ---- 0,14€
Manual Photocopy color front and back A5 ---- 0,16€
Photocopy/Print B&W front A4 0,04€ 0,08€
Photocopy/Print B&W front and back A4 0,06€ 0,10€
Manual Copy B/W front A4 ---- 0,11€
Manual Copy B/W front and back A4 ---- 0,13€
Photocopy/Print color front A4 0,18€ 0,25€
Photocopy/Print color front and back A4 0,20€ 0,30€
Manual Photocopy color front A3 ---- 0,27€
Manual Photocopy color front and back A3 ---- 0,32€
Photocopy/Print B&W front A3 0,09€ 0,16€
Photocopy/Print B&W front and back A3 0,10€ 0,20€
Manual Photocopy B&W front A3 ---- 0,18€
Manual Photocopy B&W front and back A3 ---- 0,22€
Photocopy/Print color front A3 0,32€ 0,56€
Photocopy/Print color front and back A3 0,40€ 0,62€
Manual Photocopy color front A3 ---- 0,59€
Manual Photocopy color front and back A3 ---- 0,65€
Poster A0* ---- 10,00€
Poster A1* ---- 8,50€
Poster A2* ---- 7,50€
1-9 Exam sheets A3*(Lined/Checkered) 0,10€ 0,12€/each
10-19 Exam sheets A3*(Lined/Checkered) 0,10€ 0,10€/each
20+ Exam sheets A3*(Lined/Checkered) 0,10€ 0,08€/each
Digitalisation (price per page) 0,03€ 0,10€
Manual Digitalisation (price per page) ---- 0,15€
Binding 6mm-14mm ---- 1,20€
Binding 16mm-24mm ---- 1,40€
Binding 28mm-38mm ---- 1,80€
Binding 40mm-50mm ---- 2,20€
Binding in hardcover 6mm-14mm ---- 1,70€
Binding in hardcover 16mm-24mm ---- 1,90€
Binding in hardcover 28mm-38mm ---- 2,30€
Binding in hardcover 40mm-50mm ---- 2,70€
Blade 5mm ---- 1,00€
Cover or back cover ---- 0,65€
Hard cover or back cover ---- 0,75€
Plastification A5 ---- 0,60€
Plastification A4 ---- 0,80€
Plastification A3 ---- 1,00€
Special requests (with different formats and finishes) ---- Price on request
Mass requests (greater than 500 copies of the same original) ---- Price on request

* The services indicated do not enjoy a member discount.

Prices indicated above include the tax.

Payment with debit or credit card is only allowed on purchases with a value equals or higher than 5 euros.

The use of the service You Print implies acceptance of your regulation.